With the help of our summer intern, Zack Jackson, we have made good progress in our research of our church’s early history with respect to race and slavery. We have nearly completed compiling our membership records from our first five decades and will soon begin doing deeper research into the members themselves.

Most of our research thus far has been conducted online, surveying newspaper databases and searching for mentions of a Baptist church in Macon. We also learned that one of our church’s early minute books is held at Tarver Library at Mercer, so this past Friday a group went to see it to begin transcribing names. It was quite an experience to see such a historic record from our history live and in person.

Our research into specific members will take us primarily to census records. We will continue to report back to the congregation.

If you would like to join in this research effort, which is primarily done virtually, contact Scott, or Doug Thompson.

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