Post by Kelsey Stillwell, Associate Pastor for Youth and Missions

“Bali is my body. Christ is my life.” -Nyoman Darsane

We would drive out to Darsane’s studio at least once a week with Tina and Jonathan Bailey to meet everyone for gamelan practice. Gamelan is traditional Balinese music that is beautiful and complex. There were a few songs that I would play the part that was manageable for the less musically inclined, watching for my cues. *leader nods head *hit gong

But for most of these practices, I watched and spent time with Darsane, the owner of the space and one of the most incredible artists and theologians I have ever met.

“Bali is my body. Christ is my life.” He would say this as we walked through rooms of paintings and shuffled through stacks of sketches. His art said this too. The symbols, style, and images in his artwork reflected his Balinese culture; the stories they told were of his faith- Jesus, in traditional Balinese dress, dancing (not just walking) on water. Through his culture and life, Darsane taught me about my own faith. Different bodies and cultures, same Christ.

Communion has the power to remind us of this every time we share it. Next week as we celebrate World Communion Sunday, this will be our intention. We are different bodies, different cultures, within our sanctuary and in sacred spaces around the world. This is to worth celebrating. And we are bound to one another through our life in Christ.

This year World Communion Sunday will also be the start of a CBF Global Missions focus and special offering opportunity. Through October, we will share more about CBF Global Missions, the work of field personnel, and our relationship with Tina and Jonathan Bailey as we enter into an Encourager Church covenant together. As we learn more about God’s work in the world, I ask that you consider donating to support CBF Global Missions.

Set up through the church will be envelopes numbered 1 through 200. The number represents the donation amount. To donate, pick up an envelope and turn it into the office or offering plate with your donation matching the number.

The money raised will support missions in a few different ways. A portion will be given to the CBF Global Missions offering, another portion will be given to support the ministry of CBF field personnel, Tina and Jonathan Bailey, and some will go towards our missions budget for Encourager Church efforts to send a group to see and participate in the Bailey’s ministry.

You are invited to celebrate with us in worship next Sunday.

Come to the table as you are. Come to celebrate the culture and body that is yours and tells your story. Come and be reminded of the life that is offered through Christ. Come and see how this is what we have in common.


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