Where to Give

The Church Budget

The primary, day-to-day, essential work of the church and its missions partners is supported by the church budget. This includes the operating budget of the church that addresses both in-house and external ministries. The budget is the most important place to include in your financial stewardship, and is the default account for all tithes and non-directed gifts.

Other Designated Accounts

Contributions are received for a wide variety of other causes affiliated with FBCX, including our internal and external benevolence funds that help people with food and shelter, memorial gifts to mark someone’s death, contributions to any of FBCX’s missions partners, and in-house missions efforts such as the Crisis Closet. If giving to a cause other than the budget, be sure to mark the designation on your offering envelope, check, online gift or email.


First Baptist has been blessed by several generous gifts in the past that continue to live on through our endowment. We currently hold three endowed funds for the building and grounds, missions, and music. If you have questions about the endowment, or would like to have a conversation with someone about planned giving, please contact Hunter Godsey.

Ways to Give

In Worship

If you have given to a church in the past, this is likely the way you’ve done it. Members receive a box of envelopes at the beginning of each year, or you can find one in the pew. Insert cash, or a check made out to the First Baptist Church of Christ.

By Mail

Offerings may be sent through the mail: Joe Johnson, First Baptist Church of Christ, 511 High Pl, Macon, GA 31201. Please indicate if your offering is intended for the budget or another designated account or ministry.

Automatic Bank Draft

Many members choose to set up automatic gifts through their bank’s online bill-pay system. Simply go to your bank’s website, log in to your individual bank account and follow your bank’s instructions to set up First Baptist Church of Christ as a new payee. Your bank will print and cut a check and mail it to FBCX on your behalf.

Online Giving

Check out the new online giving portal! This method allows you to schedule a recurring or one-time gift charged to either your debit or credit card or directly as an ACH from your checking account. Through this online account you can easily see your past giving history and manage your future giving amount.

Online Giving Portal

For help with logins, passwords, or credit cards, contact Joe Johnson, or (478) 742-6485.

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