Shared Relief Project with Mercer University and Republic of Georgia Baptists

Craig McMahan and Mercer University are partnering with Republic of Georgia Baptist leader and friend of the church, Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili to provide direct aid to those refugees from Ukraine coming into the Republic of Georgia during this dreadful war. Malkhaz has partnered with Craig in various Mercer on Mission efforts, and has spent time with us here in Macon. He is coordinating refugee efforts from Georgia and will oversee this relief effort.

To support this effort, you may write a check to the church and designate it for “Ukrainian Relief.” You may also donate online through the church’s platform, by selecting “Ukrainian Relief” on the dropdown menu.
Malkaz writes, “Praying for Ukraine  is essential but this is not nearly enough, the prayer should be accompanied by action and this action will become a prayer itself. “I felt my legs were praying,“ wrote Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel after the protest walk to Selma. Similarly we need to be engulfed into prayerful action:
If we can use our hands to stop the war, we should use our hands,
If we can use our brains to stop the war, we should use our brains,
If we can use voice to stop the war, we should use our voice,
If we can use our recourses to stop the war, we should use our resources,
If we can use our time and energy to stop the war, we should use our time and energy.”

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CBF’s Ukrainian Relief Fund

Prayerfully consider a financial contribution to CBF’s Ukraine Relief Fund following the Russian invasion February 24, 2022. Whether you are in an individual or a church, together, our Fellowship can support the people of Ukraine through the generous sharing of our resources.

Our first funding commitment for the fund is to provide relief to those served by Village of Hope and for local partners of that ministry under the leadership of CBF field personnel Gennady and Mina Podgaisky and CBF Global Missions. They have served in Kyiv for 20 years.

Beyond that, our generous support will be directed to The Baptist World Alliance Forum for Aid Development (BFAD), the international disaster response work of our partners at the Baptist World Alliance. They are working actively with Baptist leaders in Ukraine and others in that country to identify the most essential use of funds.

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