The Pastor Search Committee, after reviewing and discussing the comments we received last fall in listening sessions and then the notes from the Congregational Conversations in February and March, have prepared a profile of our church and a profile of the qualifications and qualities of our next Pastor. Our search will be guided by these documents, and we share them with you and welcome any feedback you have for us—comments, questions, and/or suggestions.

No document is ever perfect, but we certainly tried to include the primary issues that we’ve seen and heard since our work began. Even though the characteristics of a thriving church may not be evident here, we were all taken with the church’s reflection on those ideas and hope those conversations will continue to inspire us.

Please read the profiles linked below. They belong together, first the church, and then the pastor profile as its more specific response. So at a minimum, the profiles reflect these most important questions:

  1. What is important to our church—what do we love, value, treasure—surely we expect a pastor to affirm and support these things and demonstrate skills and abilities we need to help us improve what we love about our church.
  2. What current issues, many of which we’ve begun to address to get ready for a new pastor, does a candidate need to be told about, and what qualities, what skills and abilities, do we think are most necessary for our new pastor to have.

Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in our committee and the search process. To serve  our church in this way is a sacred trust that humbles us, and we ask you continue to pray for us as we proceed. In every moment, we are confident that God is at work in us and our church.

Yours in Christ,

Dan Riley
David Cooke
Tricia Whitby
Jon Simpson
Eric Spears
Danielle Barnes
Rachel Green
Susan Johansen
Mary Jane Johnson
Dee Bratcher

Pastor Profile

Church Profile


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