“Fall Festival is coming up this month, and this year we’re excited to blend some returning favorite traditions with new practices we have enjoyed in years past! To make this event fun and safe for everyone, we need your help. Here’s some ways to get involved:

  • Be a trunk-or-treat car– Whether you’re an individual, group, family, or Sunday school class, we need as many cars participating as possible! Participants will decorate their car (with a theme or just general “Halloween”) and hand out candy. This is in place of the games that used to happen, so you’re encouraged to come up with some sort of activity or game at your car, but this isn’t required. 
  • Game/inflatable monitors– For the games and inflatables that are offered, we want to be sure the kids stay safe and healthy. We’ll need several volunteers at these throughout the evening. 
  • Donate candy/prizes– If you cannot be there in person, but still wish to help, you’re welcome to donate candy or prizes. It will be especially helpful to have allergen-friendly candy and other small prizes for children with food restrictions. 

If you’d like to help in any of these ways, please CLICK HERE to sign up!

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