Each October, our church enters into intentional conversations about stewardship as we work to prepare the operating budget and nominating committee recommendations for church leadership. In this season, we remind one another of the impact of this congregation on the life of the individuals who make it up and on the communities in which we find ourselves, and we pledge our commitments anew to support the meaningful work of ministry that we share.
This year’s theme for stewardship is “My Church, Our Church, God’s Church.”  Together we will reflect on how this church makes a difference in our individual lives and our lives together, our shared responsibilities as a congregation, and God’s faithful presence with us through ages past and in years to come.
We invite you to share with us your story!  We will be featuring brief videos on social media in which church members share what this church means to them.  Take a video of yourself sharing what you love about this church in 30 seconds or less, starting with the affirmation, “This is MY Church!”  Then send your videos to Julie Long at julie@fbcxmacon.org or 478-737-1700.

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