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Worship at First Baptist Church of Christ

It’s been said that we are most ourselves when we are worshiping God. It’s in this spirit that we believe worship is at the heart of what we do and who we are as a church. Worship is not a time set aside for us come into God’s presence, but rather a time when we consciously open ourselves to a God who is always and everywhere present.

We like to think of our worship style as “warmly liturgical,” with an ecumenical spirit. We follow the Christian Year and celebrate the seasons of the church. The sanctuary choir leads us in music and we sing hymns (from a hymnal!) with a variety of instruments, including the pipe organ, piano and strings. Prayers are lifted, an offering is received, the Doxology is sung, a sermon is given and the Lord’s Supper is celebrated about once a month.

Children three and older are invited to join us in worship. We have a weekly “time for children” early in the service, after which the preschoolers are invited to leave for Working on Worship (W.O.W), where they learn and worship together.

CDs and DVDs of most services are available upon request. 

March 15 11AM

The Third Sunday in Lent

Leaving Egypt

First Lesson: Psalm 95

Second Lesson: Exodus 17:1-7

Having been delivered from Pharaoh by God through Moses, the Israelites find themselves in the wilderness struggling to survive. In their uncertainty they regress and long for the certainty that they knew in Egypt, even if it was the certainty of bondage. A reminder that it is one thing to take the people out of Egypt, but another thing to take Egypt out of the people. 

Key words: harder parts of the journey, struggle for liberation

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