To give our youth the opportunity to have a direct influence in the planning and execution of their youth ministry. To offer them a place to explore and strengthen their leadership skills and encourage them to use their gifts to better our youth ministry by taking on the responsibility of being a part of a team. This team is designed to create opportunities for more intentional leadership development and practice.

The YLT will consist of 5-7 youth who show leadership skills and initiative. Youth will be selected from those who submit an application by Kelsey and a small team of adults. The term of service will be from October 2019 through August 2020 allowing them to help with the transition of the new team next year. The YLT will meet once a month on a regular schedule agreed upon after the team as formed. There will be a required half day Youth Leadership Team Retreat. 


-Each youth representative is expected to make this team a high priority by attending monthly meetings and a half day retreat. 

-Youth are expected to work well as a team and communicate with each other.

-Youth are expected to recruit other youth outside of the YLT to help them in their specific area of focus. For example, the youth chosen as the Hospitality representative will recruit other youth to help them with Hospitality efforts in the youth ministry.

-Youth are expected to reach out to Kelsey and other adult leaders for resources and assistance. 

-Youth are expected to act as leaders in all things: regularly attending church, setting an example for others, having a positive attitude about the ministry they are helping to shape. 

Of course these expectations are set with the understanding that some circumstances may make adhering to these expectations perfectly a challenge. Grace will be given, but these leaders will be challenged and asked to communicate with Kelsey and their team if they have difficulty with their responsibilities. 

YLT Adult mentors:
-Cathy Logue, Danielle Barnes, Doug Barnes

YLT Application Dates:

Applications due: September 22

-First meeting and half day retreat: October 5

-YLT commissioned in worship: October 6


For the following questions, you can write paragraphs or bullet points. Selections will not be made based on writing skills, so simply answer questions to the best of your ability.

Areas of focus:
Missions/Outreach, Welcome/Hospitality, Worship, Event Planning, Games/Recreation

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